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Police Education Unit

The work of the (Swedish) Police is aimed at maintaining public order and security, promoting justice in society, and ensuring protection and service for the public. The Police Education Unit contributes to this by training students to become professional police officers who act for a safer society, a development of the Swedish police and for lifelong self-learning.


Amanda Musco Eklund

I research on EU border control, autonomous systems and principles of the rule of law.

Anders Bek

Ph. D. in Science of Education, at the Department of applied educational science (TUV). "Excellent teacher" at Umeå university.

Annika Johansson

I work as a Senior Lecturer and teach and research primarily in sport science. I also teach at the Basic Training Programme for Police Officers.

Arian Rostami

Doctoral student at the Department of Epi­demiology and Global Health.

David Sjöberg
Dzenan Sahovic

Dzenan Sahovic is Associate Professor in Political Science doing research on peace and security and teaching crisis management and peacebuilding. 

Emma Gustafsson
Erik Borglund
Hans Löfgren
Isabelle Stjerna Doohan

Researcher and teacher in police work and policing. Academic background in Disaster Medicine (PhD) and Crisis and Conflict Management (B.Sc., M.Sc.).

Jenny Nordhall

Finance Coordinator at the Police Education Unit - University in Umeå

Jenny Sundholm
Johanna Sundqvist
Jonas Hansson

Researcher and lecturer. Former police officer.  

Josefina Frech

My research concerns citizens' trust in the police.

Lars-Erik Lauritz
Lena Landström

My research and teaching are mainly within criminal procedure and criminal justice, with particular focus on the legal responsibilities and powers of police officers and prosecutors.

Lena Lejon
Lina Holm
Lovisa Björk
Markus Naarttijärvi

My research revolves around constitutional rights and rule of law, in particular the intersection of technology, security and human rights.

Mattias Hjertstedt

My education and research concerns above all procedural law in general and coercive measures in particular.

Mehdi Ghazinour

Deputy Head and research leader. Participates in several research projects in police science with a focus on the police personality, stress, trauma and working environment.

Mia Lind
Miguel Inzunza
Mikael Emsing

Former police officer, now pursuing PhD-studies with focus on conflict management, mental health and personality.

Mojgan Padyab

Mojgan Padyab is Associate Professor in social work

Monica Burman

My main fields of research and teaching is criminal law, men's violence against women and gender and law.

Pontus Bergh
Rasmus Karlsson

Dr Rasmus Karlsson is an Associate Professor in political science. He has published widely on climate mitigation policy, development ethics, and global affairs from an ecomodernist perspective.

Sofia Wård
Staffan Karp

I hold a position as Associate Professor in Education. My main research interests are socialization in sports for children and youth and inertia and change in sport systems and in the police.

Tova Stenlund

I am associate professor (docent) of psychology