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Strategic research area Bio4Energy is a research environment that develops methods and tools for conducting sustainable and efficient biorefinery. Umeå University, Luleå University of Technology and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are academic partners. Researchers from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden also take part; Energy Technology Center, the former Innventia and Processum Biorefinery Cluster being the most active.

World-leading research on energy, materials and chemicals

Today, almost all chemicals and vehicle fuels are derived from petrochemicals. Researchers and industry partners in northern Sweden want to change that by replacing fossil oil with woody materials or organic waste. They cooperate in the research environment Bio4Energy.

Bio4Energy’s research and development are at the international forefront and cover the entire value chain—from forest-sourced materials to end products in the form of biofuels, bio-based materials and "green" chemicals. These latter may be used for medical applications, textiles and packaging, for instance. The vision is to create environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies that make it possible to replace today's oil refineries with biorefineries.

Read more about the research environment at Bio4Energy.se

See also: Entirely "green" petrol, diesel, jet fuel being developed in Sweden, https://www.umu.se/en/feature/collaboration-for-green-hydrocarbons/

Deputy Programme Manager

Elisabeth Wetterlund, Luleå university of technology


Research Platforms

Advisory Board


Anna Strom, Bio4Energy Communications


Doktorand vid Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik
New research shows how biofuels affect cement production

Doctoral thesis provides important knowledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in cement and lime production.

Sex flaskor med grönt innehåll i ett laboratorium.
Microalgae from Umeå can be used to produce bioplastic

Small, inconspicuous organisms potential superstars in the green transition.

Increased understanding of lime kilns fired with biofuel

In his thesis Naresh Kumar Wagri shows challenges due to the properties of biofuels.

Latest update: 2024-06-12