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Biological sciences

Biology is the natural scientific study of life, living organisms and the processes of life. The subject of biology is complex and comprises many branches and disciplines.


Means of terrorism become more poisonous

A growing problem in Europe is that individuals handle harmful substances.


Biogeochemical Analytical Facility (BAF)
The instrument facility for biogeochemical analyses at KBC and EMG
Flow cytometry enables simultaneously analysis of cell surface bound as well as intracellular proteins and RNA expression on a single cell basis. I...
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
Facility for identification of cells and viruses for environmental, clinical, food and biotechnology research
Research area: Biological sciences
Integrated Science Lab (Icelab)
We take a modelling approach for causal understanding and connect researchers from different backgrounds.
Marine analyses
Biological and chemical analyses of marine samples.


Forestry has little impact on the genetic diversity of the spruce

Genetic variation in spruce does not differ significantly between cultivated and old forest in Västerbotten.

Streams and rivers emit more carbon dioxide at night than day

A study by Gerard Rocher Ros shows that the flux may be greater than previously thought.

The many different values of a forest increase with the age of the forest

This has been shown by researchers in a new study published in “Environmental Research Letters”.

Big or small fish for harvesting? Effects of ontogenetic habitat shifts and bottlenecks in recruitment
Duration 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2022
Type of project Research project
Modellering av strukturen hos DNA i tre dimensioner
Duration 1 September 2019 until 1 September 2024
Type of project Research project
Adaptive strategies of Arctic prokaryotes at extremely low growth rates
Duration 1 June 2019 until 30 May 2021
Type of project Research project

Research groups

Danielson/Backman Laboratory
Lab of Professor Patrik Danielson and Associate Professor Ludvig Backman and co-workers.
Evolutionary biology
Research area at the Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Science
Research area: Biological sciences
Peter Lind Lab
Modelling to predict the evolution of biofilm mutants and antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas bacteria
Umeå Science Education Research (UmSER)
UMSER is a research group within science and technology education research with participants from several departments at Umeå University. Our...