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About the Department

Our department has 100 staff members working with undergraduate education, postgraduate education and research within the subject areas of the faculty. In the framework of these main tasks we actively collaborate with businesses and organizations.

In the area of undergraduate education, our department offers courses within the Bachelor and Master programs of the faculty in building technology, energy technology, machine technology, electronics, and media technology, but we also offer courses in shorter education programs that lead to university degrees. Altogether, our undergraduate programs engage approximately 700 full-time students, entailing roughly 25 % of the faculty's entire work with undergraduate education.

For many years, we have been active in supplying distance learning in northern Sweden. New technologies have enabled us to increase our commitment to distance learning, both regarding customized courses towards companies, but also with courses in longer educational programs where we sometimes collaborate with other universities.

Also our postgraduate education and research has a focus on engineering and applications. Postgraduate education and research is pursued in signal processing, automatic control engineering, medical technology, building technology, energy technology, and chemistry of thermal processes. Normally our researchers collaborate with other researchers in larger work units or constellations, eg. Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab), Centrum för medicinsk teknik och fysik (CMTF - Centre for Medical Technology and Physics) och Intelligenta Fordon Off-Road (IFOR - Intelligent Vehicles Off-Road). Cooperation with companies and organizations is substantial for these groups. This way researchers/teachers and postgraduate students at our department are important links in picking up relevant research topics and passing on new knowledge to the business world.