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Biomedical Engineering

Research group Medical imaging, physiological pressure and flow measurements, biomedical signal analysis.

At the department we perform research and education within biomedical engineering. This field entails science that draws on principles of physics, mathematics and engineering to understand and characterize physiological systems in health and disease. A special focus is devoted to developing methods to study, diagnose, or treat medical conditions.

Key research areas involve (i) developing methods to study blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow using magnetic resonance imaging, (ii) advanced analysis of ultrasound images to, for instance, identify muscular subunits or determine vascular health, (iii) analysis of body movement, (iv) sensors for pressure measurements and characterization of tissue material properties, as well as (v) biomedical image analysis.

The research is conducted via the Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Physics (CMTF) that acts as a node connecting research across the technical and medical faculties at Umeå University (Department of Applied Physics and Electronics and Department of Radiation Sciences) with Luleå Technical University and the healthcare system in northern Sweden (Norr- and Västerbotten County Council), as well as with industry. CMTF has a symbiotic relationship with MT-FoU, a research infrastructure at the Västerbotten County Council, where much of the research is defined and executed.

Head of research

Anders Wåhlin
Other position, associate professor, combined with clinical employment


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Research area

Medical technology, Physical sciences
Latest update: 2022-02-16