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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Britt Andersson lab

Research group Characterization and understanding of properties of materials and how this can be utilized for different applications.

Through characterization and analysis of materials, the research aims at an increased understanding of the properties of materials, and how these properties can be utilized for applications. Types of materials are, for example, functional ceramics such as dielectric and piezoelectric materials, or ceramic and metallic engineering materials. Also, some projects deal with properties of soft tissue linked to diagnostics of disease.

Current and recent research projects are about: corrosion and the impact of biofuels on refractory ceramics in lime kilns; tactile piezoelectric sensors for diagnosis of cancer in soft tissue; thermal properties of torrefied biomass fuel; micromechanical characterization of tissue at the cellular level; modeling of vibration spectrum and the elastic, dielectric and piezoelectric, and piezoelectric parameters of piezoelectric elements; and sampling and characterization of aerosols.

The research typically includes various physical measurement methods, sensor technology with signal processing, modeling with for example FEM and FactSage (thermochemical modeling) and characterization of material properties with for example SEM, EDS, and XRD.

Head of research

Britt Andersson
Associate professor


Latest update: 2023-03-20