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Staff photo Matias Eriksson

Matias Eriksson

Director of Centre for Sustainable Cement and Quicklime Production

Works at

Senior research engineer at Department of Applied Physics and Electronics
KBC-huset, KB.G6, 6.07.16 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

The purpose of the Centre is:

  • To develop new knowledge related to production of cement clinker, quicklime and burnt dolomite, with a focus on production capacity, energy efficiency, product quality, emissions and sustainability.
  • To support industry with applying knowledge to prevent operational disruptions, secure product quality, reduce energy consumption and emissions, promote circular economy, and with experimental full-scale trials, process development and innovation.
  • To develop a research environment that attracts strong researchers.
  • To be a platform where research projects and industry in collaboration contribute to the sustainable development of the mineral industry.

The research plan comprises six work packages:

  1. Fuels and ashes.
  2. Raw materials for cement clinker and quicklime production.
  3. Clinker formation and reactivity.
  4. Kiln refractory and castable materials.
  5. Rotary kiln design elements.
  6. Electrical calcination.

Partners in the Centre are Umeå University, Cementa AB, SMA Mineral AB, Nordkalk AB and the Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association.

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Published: 12 Feb, 2021