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Civil law foundations

Profile area Within the theme of foundations of civil law, researchers, and teachers with an interest in issues connected to civil law, in a broad sense, meet and discuss current legal issues.

Civil relations develop and change in step with social development and ideological shifts. In a changing world, new disputes and aspects in relationships between subjects of private law constantly appear. The mobility of people across national borders and the internationalization of law also creates new legal challenges. In recent times, questions about how digitization affects legal relationships have been focus.

Within the theme, difficult application issues and analysis of general legal principles are studied and discussed. In addition, attention is paid to issues where legal regulation is missing or deficient as well as overall issues connected to the systematization of the law.

Current research

Within the theme, research is conducted within both the traditional and the modern parts of civil law. There are ongoing research projects on civil aspects of economic violence, unauthorized use of BankID, abolition of the audit duty in smaller companies, on individuals’ application of tax law when transferring houses and the consequences of the principle of the freedom to draw up contracts in family law.

Head of research

Ann-Sofie Henrikson
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Law

Research area

Latest update: 2023-04-26