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Design Optimization

Research group Design optimization is based on the idea of exploiting the power of computer simulations and optimization in the engineering design process.

Research leader


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Computing Science

Research area

Computing science

Latest publications

Journal of Computational Physics, Elsevier 2023, Vol. 472
Araujo-Cabarcas, Juan Carlos; Engström, Christian; Wadbro, Eddie
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Elsevier 2023, Vol. 403
Nobis, Harrison; Schlatter, Philipp; Wadbro, Eddie; et al.
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Vol. 66
Bokhari, Ahmad Hasnain; Hassan, Emadeldeen; Wadbro, Eddie
Structural and multidisciplinary optimization (Print), Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2023, Vol. 66, (5)
Bokhari, Ahmad Hasnain; Hassan, Emadeldeen; Wadbro, Eddie
Computers & Fluids, Elsevier 2022, Vol. 239
Nobis, Harrison; Schlatter, Philipp; Wadbro, Eddie; et al.
Report / UMINF, 22.04
Bokhari, Ahmad Hasnain; Wadbro, Eddie
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 151, (6) : 4279-4290
Mousavi, Abbas; Berggren, Martin; Wadbro, Eddie
International Conference of Forest Engineering COFE-FORMEC-IUFRO, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Wiberg, Viktor; Wallin, Erik; Wadbro, Eddie; et al.
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, John Wiley & Sons 2022, Vol. 29, (4)
Nguyen, Quoc Khanh; Serra-Capizzano, Stefano; Tablino-Possio, Cristina; et al.
Expert systems with applications, Elsevier 2022, Vol. 190
Hosseini, S. Ahmad; Wadbro, Eddie

News - Computing Science

The secret behind faster and more reliable apps
Published: 2023-05-22

Researchers have found a way to better user experiences through something called self-driving microservices.

Quench your thirst for knowledge with a Pint of science
Published: 2023-05-09

Virus and other exciting things at popular science Pint of Science 22-24 May. Umeå Postdoc Society arranges.

AI needs a queer perspective for an inclusive future
Published: 2023-05-04

New article argues that queer perspective on AI can help identify the risks of facial recognition.

Latest update: 2022-03-03