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Development across the lifespan

Research group In this profile area, research questions address the psychological changes that occur throughout life span. Research interests and education in this area cover diverse aspects of development including physical, cognitive, as well as personality and social development.


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Different research projects within this profile area include: motor and cognitive skills in children with and without developmental disabilities; neural mechanisms underlying different learning strategies; adolescent identity; and temporal information processing in children and adults.

The area also includes a large-scale, longitudinal project, the Betula project, on aging, memory and dementia. Read more about the Betula project.

Research within our profile area is based on multiple methods and techniques, for example questionnaires, movement registration, interventions, neuropsychological testing, experiments and brain imaging.


Erik Domellöf
Associate professor


International guest lectures in Developmental Psychology during the autumn semester

Antonia Bifulco, Ross Greene and Daniela Corbetta, three international lecturers have been invited.

Understanding our first language

Learning more about children’s motor behaviour can help develop early diagnostics and improved interventions.

Latest update: 2021-06-24