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Research group From public health perspective, diet is important in preventing illness. The goal of research within the area of health is to better understand how the food we eat affects our health, both individually and in society as a whole.

Most of the projects that are done in the department have some connection to health, and aim at improving eating habits and, ultimately, health in general.

Currently, we are pursuing a comprehensive project in the area of health. The so-called LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Project is a randomized, controlled study with crossover design, where young, adult women of normal weight eat according to the LCHF-diet, as well as the Nordic Nutritional Recommendations. This study is unique due to its strict controls, where participants are not allowed to eat anything other than food of specified energy and nutritional content. The thought behind this is that the women should maintain a stable weight and physical activity during the study, in order to be able to evaluate how food affects various health parameters. One important goal in the study is to find a way, using a simple blood test, to see which food a subject has eaten. This would allow us to evaluate the long term effects of different foods, something that is difficult with today's methods.

Health is a central theme in both the Dietetic and Food and Nutrition/Catering Management Program, as well the program educating teachers of Home and Consumer Studies. The possibility of further, specialized, study is offered in all courses where a student thesis is written.

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