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Image: Charles Deluvio Unsplash

Machine Learning

Research group We do research in machine learning, with both method and theory development and often with applications in e.g. automated radiotherapy and in life science.

Machine learning (ML) is a subarea within artificial intelligence (AI) where the focus is to learn from data. Machine learning uses collected data, for instance an image and knowledge about something we're looking for in the images, to automatically find the settings for a mathematical model of the connection between for instance an image and what's sought in the image. With the mathematical model, we can then predict whether what we're looking for is in a new image or not.

We are currently looking for a post-doctoral researcher in machine learning for analysis of large-scale, high-dimensional biological data:

We are currently offering master's thesis projects in the following areas:

  • Medical image segmentation
  • Reinforcement learning

Head of research

Tommy Löfstedt
Associate professor, other position


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Computing Science, Faculty of Science and Technology

Research area

Cancer, Computing science

External funding

The Kempe Foundation, Swedish Research Council

External funding

Three million SEK to AI project to improve the treatment of child cancer

Funded by the Childhood Cancer Fund, Tommy Löfstedt will automate radiation therapy in pediatric oncology.

Latest update: 2024-03-04