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Events and Seminars

The Seminar in Mathematical Modelling and Analysis is run by Niklas Lundström and Antti Perälä. Please contact them if you want to give a talk or have any questions.


Events and Seminars

  • 01/12/2021 Oleg Ivrii, Tel Aviv University, TBA, Critical values of inner functions

  • 24/11/2021 María Martín, University of La Laguna, TBA, On the solutions of the incompressible Euler equations

  • 27/10/2021 Fredrik Ohlson, Umeå University, Symmetries in deep learning: Group equivariant neural networks

  • 06/10/2021 Jarno Talponen, University of Helsinki / OP Financial Group, On volatility smile and an investment strategy with European style out-of-the-money calls

  • 29/09/2021 Antti Perälä, Umeå University, Estimating the norm of the Bergman projection

  • 22/09/2021 Setareh Eskandari, Imam Khomeini International University/Umeå University, On some sub-Hilbert spaces in the weighted Bergman spaces
  • 12/05/2021 Kristoffer Lindensjö, Stockholm University, How to detect a salami slicer: a stochastic controller-stopper game with unknown competition

  • 05/05/2021 Daniel Seco, University Carlos III of Madrid, Zeros of optimal polynomial approximants in $\ell^p_A$

  • 28/04/2021 Benny Avelin, Uppsala University, Approximation of BV functions using neural networks

  • 21/04/2021 Malte Litsgård, Uppsala University, Degenerate Kolmogorov-type equations with rough coefficients - Potential theory and boundary regularity

  • 07/04/2021 Hanna Isaksson, Umeå University, The consequences of budding versus binary fission on adaptation and aging in primitive multicellularity

  • 24/03/2021 Torsten Lindström, Destabilization, stabilization, and multiple attractors in saturated mixotrophic environments,

  • 17/03/2021 Janne Gröhn, University of Eastern Finland, Converse growth estimates for ODEs with slowly growing solutions

  • 10/03/2021 Sauli Lindberg, Aalto University, Nonlinear versions of the open mapping theorem

  • 24/02/2021 Petar Melentijevic, University of Belgrade, Best constants in inequalities concerning analytic and co-analytic projections and M. Riesz theorem for various function spaces

  • 17/02/2021 Fredrik Ohlsson, Umeå University, Symmetries of differential equations and structural model selection: A biochemical example
  • 10/02/2021 Jari Taskinen, University of Helsinki, Essential spectra of some periodic elliptic boundary value problems

  • 03/02/2021 Håkan Hedenmalm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Gaussian analytic functions and operator symbols of Dirichlet type

Past Events and Seminars


07/10/2020 Marcus Olofsson, Management of ROR hydro power -an optimal switching approach

28/10/2020 Santeri Miihkinen, The infinite Hilbert matrix on spaces of analytic functions

04/11/2020 Istvan Prause, Random tilings, variational problems and harmonicity

11/11/2020 Jani Virtanen, University of Reading, Schatten class Hankel operators on the Segal-Bargmann space and the Berger-Coburn phenomenon

18/11/2020 Tuomas Sahlsten, University of Manchester, Delocalisation of Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunctions and quantum chaos on random surfaces

02/12/2020 Aron Persson, Uppsala University, On Complex Manifold-like Polyfolds

09/12/2020 Antti Perälä, Umeå University, Integration operators from Bergman spaces to Hardy spaces of the unit ball


03/04/2019 Niklas Lundström, Estimates for viscosity solutions of nonhomogeneous fully nonlinear elliptic PDEs

10/04/2019 Tord Sjödin, Gamma distributions, generalized gamma convolutions and related problema

17/04/2019  Åke Brännström, Eco-evolutionary modeling of diversification and speciation

06/12/2019 Workshop in Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 13.15-17.30, organised by Niklas Lundström 


10.01.2017, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Niklas Lundström, Umeå University, Construction of viscosity solutions to systems of non-local PDEs with interconnected obstacles.

25.01.2017, 14.15-15.00, MA378, Tord Sjödin, Umeå University, Almost everywhere differentiability of metric projection on closed sets.

08.02.2017, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Britt-Marie Stocke, Umeå University, Matematikerna, ett broderskap?

08.03.2017, 14.15-15.00, MA356, Niklas Lundström, Umeå University, How to find simple stability measures in nonlinear dynamics.

15.03.2017, 14.00-14.45, MA136, Lisa Hed, Umeå University, On m-regular domains within the Caffarelli-Nirenberg-Spruck model.

05.04.2017, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Åke Brännström, Umeå University, Evolution of infectious diseases in seasonal environments​.

​17.05.2017, 14.15-15.00, MA356, Gunnar Söderbacka, Åbo akademi, Behaviour of many predators - one prey systems.

​24.05.2017, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Tord Sjödin, Potential theory and polar sets in homogeneous spaces.


03.02.2016, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Erik Alden, Umeå University, Tillräckliga villkor för entydighet/mångtydighet av momentproblem - täthetssatser. En kort historik inleder.

16.03.2016, 13.15-14.00, MA346, Thomas Önskog, KTH, Time series analysis of the North Atlantic Oscillation.

06.04.2016, 14.15-15.00, MA356, Erik Alden, Umeå University, Familjer av momentproblem, entudighet/mångtydighet och täthetssatser.

20.04.2016, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Niklas Lundström, Umeå University, Pareto-efficient harvesting strategies for stage-structured populations.

04.05.2016, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Thomas Ernst, Uppsala University, On the borderline between analysis and algebra, or a brief overview of q-calculus.

02.11.2016, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Åke Brännström, Umeå University, Branch-thinning explains the large-scale, self-similar structure of plants​.

16.11.2016, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Olli Toivanen, Umeå University, Generalizations of Lebesgue spaces.

30.11.2016, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Jonas Wickman, Umeå University, Evolutionary consequences of spatially heterogeneous productivity in a food web.


07.10.2015, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Marcus Olofsson, Umeå University, An introduction to optimal switching problems.

21.10.2015, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Niklas Lundström, Umeå University, The p-Laplace equation and some results of Phragmen-Lindelöf type.

04.11.2015, 14.15-15.00, N330, Magnus Lindh, Ume University, Constrained growth flips the direction of optimal phenological responses among annual plants.

18.11.2015, 14.15-15.00, Conference room, Jonas Wickman, Umeå University, Comparison of two evolutionary models in spatially structured populations: A system of two PDEs becoming a PDE-ODE system in a parameter limit.

02.12.2015, 14.15-15.00, MA346, Lai Zhang, Umeå University, Additive noise driven phase transitions in a plankton system.

16.12.2015, 14.15-15.00, N330, Video seminar, Structured population models in metric spaces.