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Mental health and the digital realm

Research group This research group at the Department of Social Work studies different aspects of mental health and the digital realm.

This can involve studying how digitialisation affects different parts of the welfare system and the social work carried out by both the public sector and civil society. It can also involve studying the implementation and effects of net-based psychosocial interventions. In others cases research is conducted into the stories and experiences of individuals and groups published on the Internet.

Examples of research questions

We are interested in, for example informal movements for user engagement gain expression in the digital realm in the form of activism, service and self-help. In this project we also study how the traditional user organizations in the field of mental health use digital and social media solutions.

Another project examines the perspectives on self-harming actions where the material consists of stories about self-harm written and published on the Internet by young people.

Another type of project is about net-based interventions in the area of mental health. One example consists of the strategies for user involvement, so-called Shared Decision Making (SDM), where scientists developed and designed net-based tool to use the method. These modules are tested and then evaluated in clinical environments around Sweden.

A part of the research conducted within the profile is also linked to the Centre for Evidence-based Psychosocial Interventions (CEPI), which is a national, multidisciplinary research center linked to the University of Lund.

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