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Sven Bergström Lab

Research group Infection and virulence properties of Borrelia spirochetes, and the role of birds in the biology and ecology of tick-transmitted zoonoses.

The overall aim of this project is to gain an increased knowledge of the virulence properties of Borrelia spirochetes. We will continue the basic research on the mechanisms of antigenic variation of Borrelia and to characterise and define the components involved in the interactions between RF Borrelia and erythrocytes as well as the effect(s) that the erythrocyte rosetting exhibit at the cellular and molecular level in the mammalian host.

We will also investigate what molecules that are involved in the interactions employed by B. burgdorferi s.l., the Lyme disease agent, with different mammalian cells and tissues. As well as structural and functional studies on those outer surface located molecules.

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Department of Molecular Biology

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Infection biology