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Digital innovation

Research group Within this research centre studies are conducted on digitalization and digital innovation within the industry and public sectors.

We focus on how digital technology helps to create value and contribute to the changing conditions of businesses and society at large. We are also working on developing new research methods to analyze the data sets generated in connection with the digitalization process.


Examples of research questions

  • What opportunities and challenges are associated with digitalization processes in business, the public sector and society as a whole?
  • In what ways are digital platforms, organizations, and organizational environments intertwined in digital transformation processes?
  • How, and by whom, are digitalization processes controlled within and between organizations, and how can peripheral actors influence these processes?
  • In what ways are social media woven together with the everyday settings of organizations?
  • How do the meaning making processes surrounding new technologies lead to value creation processes for individuals and organizations?

Head of research


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Centre for Digital Social Research
Latest update: 2021-02-16