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Premodern conversations

This podcast series interviews visiting scholars and members of the Umeå Group for Premodern Studies (UGPS) about their research and their experiences at Umeå University. We will also post seminars, lectures and other events organized by UGPS. As with other UGPS activities, our hope is to foster premodern studies within Umeå University and to contribute to national and international conversations about premodern scholarship. - Elise Dermineur and Virginia Langum, Series Editors Giulia Calvi

Giulia Calvi

Giulia Calvi is professor of early modern history at the University of Siena, Italy.

Her main publications are in the field of Italian and European social history; the history of public health and of healing practices in early modern societies; family and legal disputes; social and cultural representations of gendered identities in Europe; legislation and consumption; gendered practices and models of political power.

She has been visiting professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and recently she has been invited to be the 58th holder of the Chair of Italian Culture in the Department of Italian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley for her work on early modern Italian cultural and social history from the perspective of gender.

From September 2 to September 6, 2013, she was the guest of Umeå Group for Premodern Studies.

Listen to Giulia Calvi's podcast

Jacqueline Van Gent

Jacqueline Van Gent is a Professor of Gender and Early Modern History at the University of Western Australia in Perth. In 2012, she was a visiting researcher at Umeå University.

Research Interests: Empire and gender in the early modern and late colonial period, women and religion in early modern Europe (Scandinavia, Low Countries, Germany), Moravian missions and indigenous encounters, indigenous women and missions in Australia, power and gender in the Nassau family, gendered emotions and museums, masculinities.

Professor Van Gent is the author of several books and articles.

Listen to Jacqueline Van Gent's podcast

Berit Åström

Dr Åström is a senior lecturer in English Literature at the department of languages at Umeå University and a member of UGPS.

She wrote her thesis within the field Old English poetry, analysing scholarly interpretations of the two poems "The Wife's Lament" and "Wulf and Eadwacer" as a basis for identity construction. After receiving her doctorate, she has broadened her research to span later periods as well. She is interested in transhistorical studies of literature and visual texts, fan fiction, crime fiction, and gender.

Listen to Berit åström's podcast

Linn Holmberg

Linn Holmberg is a doctoral student in history of science and ideas in her fourth year of research and a member of UGPS. Her dissertation titled "The Maurists' Dictionary of Sciences and Arts: A Monastic Reflection of the French Enlightenment" explores a hitherto unstudied dictionary of arts, crafts and sciences made by the Benedictines of the Congregation of Saint-Maur.

Listen to Linn Holmberg's podcast

Dolly Jørgensen

Dr Dolly Jörgensen is a research fellow at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Umeå University and a member of UGPS.

Her current project "The Return of Native Nordic Fauna" is funded by the Swedish research council Formas. She has worked on a diverse range of environmental history projects, including forestry management in medieval England, late medieval urban sanitation, and a global history of converting offshore oil production structures into artificial reefs.

She blogs about her current research here:

Listen toDolly Jörgensson's podcast

Raisa Maria Toivo

Raisa Maria Toivo is a senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere (Tammerfors). In fall 2013, she will be a research fellow at the research Center of Excellence working on a project titled "History of Society, Re-Thinking Finland 1400-2000", at the University of Tampere. More information about Raisa Maria here:

Listen to Raisa Maria Toivo's podcast

Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson is Associate Professor of History at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Erik's main research area is the history of early modern Europe, with special interests in France and Sweden during this period. His current work revolves around how commerce reshaped politics in the early seventeenth century, looking particularly at ministers such as Cardinal Richelieu and Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna.

Thomson was a guest researcher at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies with the research group Umeå Group for Premodern Studies between May 6th to June 3rd 2013.

Listen to Erik Thomson's podcast