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Research news

Discovery at Umeå University awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle Charpentier has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invests in infection medicine

The financial support is included in a national investment into Life Science.

Research news

Plant organ growth is not so different from animals
Published: 16 Jan, 2020

UPSC Researchers demonstrate that death of certain cells in the root facilitate growth of lateral roots

Plant roots increase carbon emission from permafrost soils
Published: 20 Jul, 2020

Plant roots stimulate microbial decomposition and increases greenhouse gas emission from thawing permafrost.

Political distrust a major barrier to climate action
Published: 26 Nov, 2019

Distrust in politicians is preventing people from supporting increased taxes on fossil fuels.

Porous polymers show remarkable stability at high pressure
Published: 10 Dec, 2019

Umeå physicists are the first to show high stability of the porous nanomaterial COF-1.

Postdocs in Umeå stick together in Umeå Postdoc Society
Published: 21 Jun, 2021

The aim of the society is to attain an attractive environment for postdocs, both socially and academically.

Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
Published: 03 Sep, 2019

Jakub Krzywda develops models to control cloud power infrastructures consumption and hosted applications.

Preparedness in focus in central Umeå
Published: 24 Jul, 2019

Visit Umeå together with the CBRNE centre invite the public to Emergency Preparedness Day in central Umeå.

Prestigefull medalj till molekylärbiolog vid Umeå universitet
Published: 15 Mar, 2019

Anders Nordström, Department of Molecular Biology, receive the silver medal to Berzelius's memory.

Prestigious postdoctoral fellowships for malaria research in Umeå
Published: 27 May, 2020

Mirjam Hunziker will study how malaria parasites switch to sexual reproduction.

Prestigious prize to Diego Calvanese, Wallenberg Guest Professor
Published: 15 Mar, 2021

Diego Calvansese receives the prestigious AAAI Classic Paper Award 2021, the most influential on AI.

Prestigious royal environmental professorship to Umeå University
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Professor André M de Roos, University of Amsterdam, has been appointed the professorship 2021–22.

Professional European collaboration project started in Umeå
Published: 07 Feb, 2020

E.I.D.S - a european platform for doctoral education with external partner was initiated eight years ago.

Prohibition of zero tapping in hydropower plants has benefits
Published: 29 Jun, 2021

More environmentally friendly flows in regulated rivers only lead to small losses in hydropower production.

Protein interaction helps Yersinia cause disease
Published: 23 Aug, 2018

Researchers at Umeå University, Sweden, in collaboration with an international team, have...

RAI thinks strategically about AI
Published: 08 Feb, 2021

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Katrine Riklund is chair of RAI that strengthens the development of AI at the university.