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Research news

Discovery at Umeå University awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle Charpentier has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invests in infection medicine

The financial support is included in a national investment into Life Science.

Research news

Rare animals and plants organize in ghettos to survive
Published: 17 Dec, 2019

The unexpected ecological pattern is the conclusion of a study about biodiversity in competitive environments.

Research breakthrough can save lives after nerve gas poisoning
Published: 05 Nov, 2020

FOI Industrial Doctoral School researchers solve a riddle that has eluded researchers for over 50 years.

Research improves efficiency of small-scale cloud datacentres
Published: 15 Feb, 2021

Chanh Nguyen has developed methods to improve the efficiency of so-called Mobile Edge Clouds..

Research project on digital twins on IVA's 100 list
Published: 26 Mar, 2020

The project is on digital twins for decision support and resource optimization in business models.

Researchers try new method to clean contaminated sediments
Published: 20 Feb, 2020

Researchers have been awarded SEK 4 million to test a new method for cleaning contaminated sediments.

Researchers will study how AI affects human well-being
Published: 05 Nov, 2020

Ingeborg Nilsson is one of the responsible for the initiative.

Responsible AI grant
Published: 21 Jul, 2020

The research project Responsible Artificial INtelligence (RAIN) is supported with a SEK 1,500,000 grant.

Restoration project nominated for EU prize
Published: 11 Jun, 2018

The restoration project ”Vindel River LIFE”, coordinated by Umeå University, is one of totally 28...

Robots in a group that can be trusted and understood
Published: 17 Feb, 2021

Umeå researchers study groups of robots that interact with each other and groups of people.

Rooting regulators are evolutionary conserved
Published: 31 May, 2021

With genomes of trees mapped, one can study initiation of adventitious roots from an evolutionary perspective.

Rules must be broken when computers are to learn human language
Published: 30 Jun, 2021

Anna Jonsson has developed her own model for semantic analysis.

Sarandra’s mid-seminar on fall prevention for the elderly
Published: 20 Apr, 2021

Mid-seminar means that you have come halfway in the research based on your research plan.

Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
Published: 25 Jul, 2019

In an open letter scientists call for changed European legislation on genetically modified organisms.

Scientists says Corona-apps can be a risk
Published: 14 Apr, 2020

Researchers warn that Corona-apps that track people's movements and behaviors can pose great risks.

Scientists tap novel technologies to see water as never before
Published: 04 Aug, 2020

Researchers redefine how the binding effect works at the nano level.