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A sustainable world

In 2015, the world's leaders adopted the UN's 17 global sustainable development goals - Agenda 2030. There are ten years remaining to meet those goals. In order to contribute scientific facts and obtain a better perspective, Umeå University will have a special focus this year on research that contributes to a sustainable world.

The 17 sustainable development goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 are ambitious and universal, and they aim to bring about a world that’s socially, environmentally and economi-cally sustainable by 2030. Some of the university’s researchers share their research output, ideas and experiences on topics such as future energy sources, the impact of climate change on health, new forms of cancer therapy, antibiotic resistance, what the actual concept of sus-tainability involves and how we as individuals can live more sustainably.

The network Umeå Transformation Research Initiative (UTRI)

The UTRI network is a forum where Umeå University's many research environments can meet to shape new ideas and establish new collaborations addressing the transformation to sustainability.

By providing support for events, funding and meeting places, the UTRI research initiative contributes to an interactive, creative and interdisciplinary environment for sustainability research at Umeå University.

Here you can find more information about the network and its activities.

Umeå research for a sustainable world

Sustainability and transformation require an interdisciplinary approach

Jon Moen is professor at EMG and steering group member in Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.

Various perspectives on sustainability issues are necessary

Interview with Erland Mårald from the UTRI Steering Committee, Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.

In order to develop good collaborations, we need to meet

Maria Nilsson is a professor of public health science and member of the UTRI steering committee.

Changing one’s behaviour is the key to sustainable transition

Annika Nordlund is docent of psychology and steering group member in Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.

Tourism to Västerbotten can increase this summer

Tourism has been hit hard by Covid-19. But it will come back. Perhaps already this summer in Västerbotten.

Future people in our hands

The idea of sustainability takes future people into account. But who are they? Kalle Grill seeks answers.

"Sustainability requires systems thinking"

For many years, H&M's new CEO Helena Helmersson has been on a mission to turn them into a sustainable company.

Chemistry that turns biomass into petrol

Jyri-Pekka Mikkola's research group have invented renewable petrol. Can they put the system into production?

From filthy industry to eco-friendly company

Ann-Kristin Bergquist studies the development of climate transitions in trade and industry.

The birth of sustainable development

Ulf Holmgren on the UN report "Our common future" which was crucial to viewpoints on sustainability.

Mixed forests are the future

Properly mixed forests are more valuable than the present-day monoculture, according to Micael Jonsson.

So much more edible food can be saved

The gastronomy programme is collaborating with a waste company to change behaviours and reduce food wastage.

Latest update: 2021-06-02