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Are there glycosylated proteins in plastids?

Research project This project started with an unusual finding that indicated to us that the chloroplasts seemed to contain glycosylated protein. This was not known before and our aim was to find out how proteins could be transported there.

We found that a carbonic anhydrase was routed through the endoplasmic reticulum on its way to the chloroplasts. In this project we want to understand how this transport occurs.

Head of project

Göran Samuelsson
Professor emeritus

Project overview

Project period:

2008-01-22 2009-02-01


Finansår , 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

huvudman: Göran Samuelsson, finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet, y2005: 500, y2006: 500, y2007: 500, y2008: 500,

huvudman: Göran Samuelsson/institutionen gemensamt, finansiär: STINT, y2005: , y2006: 600, y2007: , y2008: ,

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Plant Physiology, Faculty of Science and Technology

Research area

Biological sciences, Botany

Project description

This project is related to protein trafficking in plant cells. It should be noted that this is a high-risk project but with a tremendous potential. If my results are correct, and if they hold for the evaluation by the scientific community, it will not only give us a completely new picture on how protein trafficking occurs in plant cells but also give us important information about the early stages of evolution in eukaryotic phototrophs.
Latest update: 2019-10-01