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CA17124 - Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices

Research project The Challenge of the proposed COST Action consists in creating a Network for exploring the potential of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Automated Reasoning in the Digital Forensics field, and creating synergies between these fields.

Specifically, the challenge is to address the Evidence Analysis phase, where evidence about possible crimes and crimes perpetrators collected from various electronic devices (by means of specialized software, and according to specific regulations) must be exploited so as to reconstruct possible events, event sequences and scenarios related to a crime.

Head of project

Juan Carlos Nieves Sanchez
Research fellow, associate professor

Project overview

Project period

2018-09-10 2022-09-09

Research subject

Computing science

Project description

Evidence Analysis results are then made available to law enforcement, investigators, public prosecutors, lawyers and judges: it is therefore crucial that the adopted techniques guarantee reliability and verifiability, and that their result can be explained to the human actors.