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COGNIT: A Cognitive Serverless Framework for the Cloud-Edge Continuum

Research project COGNIT is a major new European initiative that aims to integrate AI technology into Serverless Cloud-Edge management systems. The consortium includes several prominent European open source companies, high-impact research organisations, and innovative edge application providers.

Ensuring the high demands of Serverless cloud services requires addressing several challenges. These often relate to resource constraints, infrastructure heterogeneity, and the need to fulfill criteria such as performance, resilience, security, data sovereignty, and energy efficiency.

Head of project

Paul Townend
Associate professor
Monowar Bhuyan
Assistant professor

Project overview

Project period:

2023-01-31 2025-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Computing Science

External funding

EU Horizon 2020 (H2020)

Project description

Use of the serverless paradigm in cloud application development is growing rapidly, primarily driven by its promise to free developers from the responsibility of provisioning, operating, and scaling the underlying infrastructure. However, modern cloud-edge infrastructures are characterized by large numbers of disparate providers, constrained resource devices, platform heterogeneity, infrastructural dynamicity, and the need to orchestrate geographically distributed nodes and devices over public networks. This presents significant management complexity that must be addressed if serverless technologies are to be used in production systems.

European initiative 

The COGNIT project is a major new European initiative that aims to integrate AI technology into cloud-edge management systems to create a Cognitive Cloud reference framework and associated tools for serverless computing at the edge.

Vision and goals

COGNIT aims to:

  1. support an innovative new serverless paradigm for edge application management and enhanced digital sovereignty for users and developers;
  2. enable on-demand deployment of large-scale, highly distributed and self-adaptive serverless environments using existing cloud resources;
  3. optimize data placement according to changes in energy efficiency heuristics and application demands and behavior;
  4. enable secure and trusted execution of serverless runtimes.

The project uses four motivating real-world use cases for validation, drawing from domains within Smart Cities, Agriculture and Environment, Energy, and Cybersecurity.

Unique consortium

This project is a part of the SovereignEdge.EU initiative – a unique consortium of several prominent European open-source companies, high-impact research organisations, and innovative edge application providers.

We expect this joint innovation effort to be a truly transformative force in the EU's emerging edge ecosystem, well beyond the formal end of the project, providing valuable resources, cutting-edge knowledge and powerful European open-source technologies to those start-ups, SMEs and industry leaders who want to look beyond centralised platforms and hyperscalers.

Read more about The European Union’s Digital Decade policy programme here.

External funding

Latest update: 2024-03-18