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Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab

Distributed systems, addressing the intelligent and automatic management of resources and applications in, e.g., compute clouds and software-defined infrastructures.

The Umeå University distributed systems' research focuses on the autonomous management of the resources and applications forming the digitized society. Target infrastructures span from single large-scale cloud datacenters, via federations of clouds, to the highly distributed clouds that potentially may become the backbone for the full-fledged Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the more flexible concept of Software-Defined Infrastructures.

Research drivers are compute and data intensive applications requiring, e.g., elastic locality-aware infrastructures to meet the rapid capacity and locality variations of industrial services and large-scale distributed environments that enable coordinated use of federated resources for eScience applications, and machine-to-machine applications in the IoT context.

The research itself is highly multidisciplinary, developing the future autonomous management systems with contributions from feedback control, discrete optimization, mathematical statistics, and artificial intelligence including, in particular, artificial intelligence.

Research outcomes include autonomous management systems for operating the IT infrastructure and applications of the future. Central to the approach are software with flexibility in deployment and policy customization, providing key functionality for broad sets of usage scenarios.

Cloud Control Workshops
We have established the Cloud Control Workshops. For past and upcoming events, see

Research leader

Johan Tordsson
Associate professor
Per-Olov Östberg
Research fellow
Monowar Hussain Bhuyan
Assistant professor

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Published: 31 Mar, 2020

One of the reasons is the ongoing large investment in AI, autonomous systems and software.

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Published: 30 Mar, 2020

The framework support decision makers to evaluate interventions and effects in a simulated world.

New software for solving eigenvalue problems
Published: 30 Mar, 2020

StarNEig has been developed at the Department of Computing Science.

Research project on digital twins on IVA's 100 list
Published: 26 Mar, 2020

The project is on digital twins for decision support and resource optimization in business models.

Niclas Börlin receive the Talbert Abrams Award
Published: 23 Mar, 2020

Niclas Börlin awarded by ASPRS.