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Image: Rasmus Öberg

Development of non-invasive detection techniques for characterization of toxic biological substances

PhD project within the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University.

Rasmus Öberg is developing new and more accurate methods to detect and characterize toxic substances. Using non-invasive measurement techniques, we develop new ways to better understand and prevent mainly biological, but also chemical threats.

Head of project

Rasmus Öberg
Doctoral student

Project overview

Project period:

2020-09-01 2025-08-31


50%IDS/50% Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Physics

Research area

Physical sciences

Project description

Toxic substances are a threat toward public health. Biological and chemical threats have in common that small amounts of harmful substance can cause much damage. Therefore, there is great societal interest in finding methods which can quickly and efficiently detect small amounts of these substances, and consequentially prevent much of the potential harm they could cause.

Rasmus Öberg is working with the group for Biophysics and biophotonics at Umeå University, in cooperation with the Swedish Defence Research Agency, to develop methods for detecting biological and chemical threats. With an interdisciplinary perspective, we develop mainly optical and spectroscopical techniques to be used in detection and characterization. Our work involves various survey objects and techniques, from detecting single molecules using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, to characterization of more complex biological systems like bacteria and spores using optical tweezers.

Latest update: 2021-03-11