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Stress and sleep schools - Student-led and cost-effective treatment of stress and sleep problems through E-health (HUSS-E)

Research project Västerbotten is sparsely populated and it is difficult to reach out with the same quality of care to all citizens. Through telemedicine initiatives in the form of E-health, however, the level of service can be raised at a fairly low cost, especially if treatments are performed in groups (and by students).

The purpose of this project is to design and evaluate a cost-effective internet treatment for stress and sleep problems. The treatment is based on CBT-based psychoeducation and the patients meet in groups on four occasions, 2 * 1 hour at a time. In this project, we evaluate an internet version of the stress and sleep schools that are evaluated in HUSS-I. In this study, the treatment is carried out in the form of E-health. Through telemedicine initiatives such as this, the opportunity to provide equal care to everybody in society increases.

Head of project

Maria Nordin
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2021-09-01 2026-08-31


The project is partly financed by the Västerbotten Region and the School of Business Studies and is part of the larger project Health, Education, Stress and Sleep, abbreviated HUSS.

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Psychology

Research area


Project description

This project contributes to a better understanding of treatments against mental illness, regardless of diagnosis, and whether the same treatment can be given directly both on site at health centers, and via telemedicine with the help of psychology students. There are many treatments on the Internet. However, few of these are scientifically tested and evidence-based and they take place individually, not in groups, which is more cost-effective. This project helps to provide evidence of treatment for mental illness, and together with HUSS-I it helps to evaluate both cost-effective and equal care.


The stress and sleep schools evaluated in HUSS-I will be converted into telemedicine in collaboration with Region Västerbotten. Before they are implemented, its practical feasibility will be evaluated with questionnaires and interviews in focus groups. We hope that students in the fifth semester of the psychology program will be interested in giving this treatment in the same spirit as they give stress and sleep schools in reality in HUSS-I.

For more details on treatment and evaluation see HUSS-I.

The project is part of the larger project Health, Education, Stress and Sleep, abbreviated HUSS.

Latest update: 2021-06-01