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Flerspråkighet och flerspråkiga litteracitetspraktiker i grundskolans senare år

PhD project Before working as translator at the Creole Institute of my country, the Seychelles, I was a secondary school French teacher.

In my respective posts I have followed the leaning process of the Seychellois learner, alongside the development of the three national languages; English, French and Creole. With all three languages occupying different status in the national curriculum, the Seychellois learners’ performance tend to vary from one to another.

Head of project

Sejla Kilim
Doctoral student (on leave)

Project overview

Project period:

Start date: 2016-09-01

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Umeå School of Education

Project description

My study is aimed determining whether the representations that learners have of the three languages impact on the way they learn and access knowledge through them.
The results will hopefully serve as guide in the elaboration of intercultural teaching methods and materials aimed at enhancing, promoting ensuring the longevity of plurilingualism in Seychelles and elsewhere.

First supervisor: Eva Lindgren
Second Supervisor: Annika Norlund Shaswar

Latest update: 2018-11-08