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Risk factors of childhood diabetes and its complications

Research project Overall the studies aim at identifying preventive factors of childhood onset diabetes and its long-term effects in a population perspective.

The Swedish Childhood Diabetes Study(SCDS) is based on a nationwide prospective incidence register running sicnce 1977,1 July including virtually all type 1 diabetes cases developing the disease before the age of 15 years in Sweden.We continue to study and analyse time trends and risk factors for the disease and also focus on long-term somatic,psychological and socio-economic complications of the disease.For this purpose we have developed an anonymized databse covering long term data on more than 16000 childhood onset diabetes cases an 64 000 population controls.The study gorup includes medical ,health economical and statistical experts.

Head of project

Gisela Dahlquist
Other position

Project overview

Project period:

2012-01-01 2014-12-31


VR-M, 2009-2014: SEK 6,300,000
FAS, 2010-2011: SEK 1,750,000
Diabetesforskningsfonden, 2012: SEK 100,000

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Clinical Sciences

Research area

Clinical medicine, Public health and health care science

Project description

The specific objectives are:
1. To follow the incidence trends of childhood onset diabetes in Sweden and Europe.
2. To analyse the impact of socioeconomic variables on the risk to develop childhood onset diabetes.
3. To investigate the prevalence of undiscovered diabetes in 12 year old school children in Sweden.
4. To follow the incidence of ESRD in patients with childhood onset type 1 diabetes and analyse socioeconomic and demographic risk factors important for the development of ESRD.
5. To perform replication studies of genetic associations found in an on-going genome wide association scan for diabetic nephropathy
6. To analyse determinants of survival of patients with childhood onset type 1 diabetes after the diagnosis of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in Sweden.
7. To analyse determinants of mortality among patients with childhood onset diabetes and specifically if there is an increased risk of suicide.
8. To investigate how socioeconomic factors influence the risk of hospitalization for cardiovascular events and prescription of related medicines in patients with type1 diabetes.
9. To investigate if life with diabetes as a child and young adult affect the educational prospects such as school grades and possible higher education.
10. To study how childhood onset type 1 diabetes affect the economic career of the child and the family (mother and father).
Area overview
Latest update: 2018-08-20