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Teaching the Reading Experience: A Study on the Aesthetic Aspects of Secondary Literary Education

PhD project In my project I study the way in which teachers in upper secondary education teach fiction.

During my ten years as a Swedish teacher in upper secondary school, I experienced a shift in the approach to fiction in the school subject Swedish. Generally, Swedish education has, as a result of educational reforms and international student assessments, undergone changes toward the instrumental and the measurable. In that respect, the teaching of literature is not an exception. Thus, in my PhD project I have focused on the Reading Experience.

Project overview

Project period:

Start date: 2016-09-01

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Umeå School of Education

Research area

Educational sciences, Language studies

Project description

In an educational landscape where knowledge equals quantifiable results it is interesting to see what role the immeasurable plays, and how teachers use the aesthetic aspects of reading in their teaching of literature.

First supervisor: Kirk P H Sullivan
Second supervisor: Maria Lindgren Leavenworth


Latest update: 2020-02-03