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Language studies

Enabling research - research for future use

Professor Per Ambrosiani and Sanna Isabel Ulfsparre, librarian in a talk about research data.

Three perspectives on doctoral student life

Read about the challenging journey from being a student to a researcher.

Newly appointed head of research leader for Litum

"Teaching about writing that gives students a voice needs more space"

Bilingual students read and write better in Swedish

In a new dissertation Baran Johansson has studied children who read and write in two languages.

Uncanny soundscapes of gothic nineteenth-century short stories reverberate across centuries

Chilling sounds that crowd Gothic short stories are investigated in a new thesis by Elena Glotova.

English education for newly arrived immigrants in Sweden
Duration 1 August 2020
Type of project Research project
Writing as nutrition for democracies
Duration 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2021
Type of project Research project
CogLing UmU
CogLing UmU is a cluster of researchers who study language as an integrated cognitive phenomenon. Our research areas include lexical semantics,...
Research area: Language studies
Much of the waking day is spent reading and writing. Many people read and write in many languages in the course of their personal and working lives...
Northern Linguistic Landscapes
Northern Linguistic Landscapes. Visual(izing) languages in the North.
The Syntax Network
The Syntax Network is a research group with researchers from Lund University, Gothenburg University, Linköping University and Umeå University. With...
Research area: Language studies