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Service Office

Universitetsservice is Umeå University's service organisation whose task is to make everyday life easier for staff and students. We provide booking of rooms, cleaning-, house-, and postal services and examination invigilation.


Ali Salehi, administrator, information
Anna Höglander, service employee (absent)
Anneli Jonsson, service employee (absent)
Annika Hjelt, service employee
Anthony Lubwama, administrator, information
Camilla Blomberg, service assistant, service employee
Catrin Lindh, service employee
Daniel Nylen, service employee (absent)
Ellinor Hansson, administrator, information
Gun Näslund, administrator, information
Helena Moliis, administrator, information
Ingela Berglund, administrator, information
Jamila Aden, service employee (absent)
Jenny Brus, service employee
Lena Bohlin, service director
Linn Tauson, service employee
Majken Berglin, administrator, finance
Marina Tiger, service employee
Mikael Kohkoinen, service employee, system administrator
Mimmi Alm, administrator
Nina Häggström, administrator, information (absent)
Robyn Schimmer, project leader (absent)
Sara Mannelqvist, administrator, information
Susanna Sundström, administrator, information
Terese Björk, development manager
Tomas Rimbark, project leader (absent), development manager
Tommy Silver, service employee
Tsehay Lemma, service employee