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Staff photo Alex Örtegren

Alex Örtegren

Doctoral student at the Department of Applied Educational Science. In my research I explore teacher education, digital technologies, and citizenship.



Works at

Doctoral student at Department of Applied Educational Science Units: Floor 3
Naturvetarhuset, huskropp NB, Johan Bures väg 14 Umeå universitet, 90187 Umeå
Managing the partners in strategic alliances, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing 2021 : 85-111
Kostis, Angelos; Örtegren, Alex
Scuola Democratica (2021). Book of Abstracts of the International Conference of the journal Scuola Democratica. Reinventing Education, Rome, 2-5 June, Associazione “Per Scuola Democratica”, Rome: Scuola democratica 2021 : 343-343
Örtegren, Alex; Olofsson, Anders D.
Postdigital Science and Education
MacKenzie, Alison; Bacalja, Alexander; Annamali, Devisakti; et al.

I teach the courses Digital Competence and Learning I and II, Pedagogical Documentation with the Support of ICT: Text, Images and Sounds, and Applied ICT in School.