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ARED - Applied Research on Education and Digitalisation

Research group THE RESEARCH GROUP ARED’s work can be described as a joint interest in education, its point of departure being the digitalisation of school, teacher education, and society.

Theoretically and empirically, ARED’s educational research concerns school and teacher education, policy and steering documents, subject teaching and learning as well as identity and social values. Currently, ARED’s research centres on three subareas:

1. Teacher education and becoming a teacher

2. Educational policy, school development, and school professions 

3. Identity and social values

Each subarea focuses on research questions possible to study in different empirical contexts, which means that the knowledge contribution within one subarea will be valuable and relevant also for the research conducted in the other two subareas.

 Examples of research questions:

  • How do teacher educators prepare student teachers for a working life in as society permeated by digital technologies where professional digital competence (PDC) is an important part of teachers’ knowledge?              
  • In what way(s) can the ongoing digitalisation of school be understood in the light of recent school policy and school actor perspectives (e.g., school leaders, IT educationalists, teachers, and pupils), foregrounding digital agency?                                                                                     
  • What are the critical questions and implications associated with identity, social values, and digital technologies – outside and within educational contexts – and how do they collapse in these contexts?  


ARED is actively involved in three national graduate schools financed by the Swedish Research Council. The three schools focus on various aspects of digitalisation in school, teacher education, and society. For additional information: https://graderesearch.umu.se/

Head of research


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Centre for Digital Social Research, Department of Applied Educational Science Research

Research area

Educational sciences, Pedagogy

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