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Perspectives on education politics and policy (PEPP)

Perspectives on Education Policy and Politics

The research area Perspectives on Education Policy and Politics (PEPP) contributes high quality and interdisciplinary research aimed at a variety of stakeholders and focuses on the formulation, production and enactment of policy and their consequences for teachers, students, parents, and policy makers.

The members are engaged in research that seeks to understand policy contexts at different levels (national, regional and organisational), as well as international frameworks of policy making and their connections to national practices. We analyse policy from a critical perspective, and examine modes of governance, values and policy ideas in education contexts. We engage with a range of methodologies, and theoretically we draw on perspectives from educational studies, political science, history, and sociology.

Our scientific contributions are centered around the following themes:

  • Education policy and governance at national and European levels
  • Privatisation of schooling and early childhood and their consequences
  • Higher education policies, quality and internationalisation
  • National, international and comparative perspectives on policy, with regard to teacher education, school-based health, inclusion and digitalisation
  • Evaluation and accountability in education governance
  • Policy instrumentation and Europeanisation

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Educational sciences
Latest update: 2022-08-15