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Staff photo Audrey Schillings

Audrey Schillings

I am Postdoctoral fellow in the research group Space Plasma Physics.

Works at

Senior research engineer at Department of Physics
Fysikhuset, plan 4, Linnaeus väg, FA404 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Since Mai 2020, I am working as a Postdoc fellow at Umeå University and I am part of the Space Group in the Physics Department. My research project is within the space weather field and consists of analyzing magnetometer data and identifying strong and rapid disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field and understand when, where and why they occur. This research helps to have a better forecast of geomagnetic induced currents (GICs) which may provoke power outages and problems in the communication systems.


I am from Belgium where I studied space science and astrophysics. In November 2015, I moved to Kiruna, Sweden to do a PhD in Space Plasma Physics at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (Institutet för rymdfysik – IRF). During my PhD, I analyzed data from the European Cluster satellites and quantified the amount of oxygen ions escaping the Earth’s magnetic field under various solar wind conditions.

After my PhD, I went to Nagoya, Japan for four months with a JSPS short-term fellowship (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science). Working at the Institute for Space-Earth Environment Research (ISEE), I conducted research on the energy transfer between the ionosphere and the atmosphere using EISCAT radars, sodium LIDAR data and the European Swarm satellites.

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