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Staff photo Birgitta Malm-Renöfält

Birgitta Malm-Renöfält

I research about measures to restore and rehabilitate watercourse ecosystems affected by human activity.

Works at

SLU, Skogmarksgränd 17 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research mainly concerns measures to restore and rehabilitate river and stream ecosystems affected by human activity such as hydropower, or other activities that regulate the natural flow patterns. I am primarily interested in understanding the relationship between the impact on the natural flow regime, the impact on the physical habitat of organisms and the ecological status of the ecosystem. I strive to work from a landscape ecology perspective with the catchment area in focus.

My research projects concern aspects such as the need for high-flow pulses to maintain valuable riparian ecosystems, flow needs in channels that have been completely or partially dried up due to water diversion, and the development of measures without significant production impact to rehabilitate affected habitats.

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