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Staff photo Börje Rehn

Börje Rehn

I work as a senior lecturer at the Physiotherapy Program, where I am also pedagogically responsible. 



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation Units: Physiotherapy

Field of Research

My field of research is about ergonomics in the wording 'a healthy and sustainable work-life to prevent musculoskeletal disorders'. The specific focus of research treats the importance of bodily functions that help us with body posture, stability and balance (postural control) which are of importance for physical activity. Target groups have been professional vehicle drivers driving in difficult terrain, such as within forestry and agriculture and also people exposed to hand intensive work. My research is quantitatively oriented and uses technical measurement methods to describe biomechanical conditions as well as investigating the resources that the body has in order to handle musculoskeletal load. I have performed clinical trials of back, neck and arm pain as well as laboratory studies to understand discomfort, risk factors and injury mechanisms. I have also conducted projects that deal with postural balance and physical activity for young people with intellectual disabilities and postural reactions in sitting, with interdisciplinary research teams. I have been involved in several international projects, including Europe, Oceania and Japan.


Reg Physiotherapist 1994, Master's in Caring Sciences 1999, PhD 2004, Postdoc 2005, Associate Professor in Physiotherapy 2011, Merited teacher 2018, Sabbatical 2022.

Clinical practice

I have worked with various out- and inpatient care as well as private, foremost with disabilities from neuroorthopaedic injuries and illnesses. Have also been involved in R & D activities

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I am course coordinator for courses at the undergraduate level and sometimes for postgraduates. Teaches about the structure and function of the human body and scientific methodology, both in theory and practice. I am supervisor and examiner for projects at different levels (candidates, masters and doctoral students). I have been involved as a teacher for several different programs. I try to use student-active methods and digital tools to have critical and independent students. I believe that interest, feedback and reflection are important parts of the learning process.