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Emil Marklund

Associate professor in educational work. PhD in History and Education. 



Works at

Associate professor (on leave) at Department of Applied Educational Science Units: Floor 4
Naturvetarhuset, huskropp NB, Johan Bures väg 14 Umeå universitet, 90187 Umeå

My research interests include various perspectives on the welfare society in both historical and contemporary settings. The educational system and the conditions for large occupational groups working in this system such as teachers is of certain interest.

In my doctoral thesis I explored the working and living conditions among teachers in the Swedish elementary school during the latter part of the 19th century and earlier part of the 20th century. I primarily studied the teachers that were recruited in a rural environment and the impact this choice of occupation had on their individual lives and familial relationships. I conducted both quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify the teachers' social background and occupational establishment, and to study their everyday life as well as family formation across the life course. Whether and how the working and living conditions differed between groups of teachers (e.g., junior school vs. elementary school teachers) as well as between male and female teachers were of highest interest within my PhD project.

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Marklund, Emil
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Marklund, Emil
Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon
Marklund, Emil
Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon
Marklund, Emil
Svenska kvinnobiografiskt lexikon
Marklund, Emil
Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, Chicago Illinois, April 27–29
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Vikström, Lotta; Sandström, Glenn; Marklund, Emil

My teaching include both first and second cycle courses - primarily towards teacher education i.e. didactics, special education, vocational education, teaching placement (VFU) and to supervise and grade essays and degree projects. Furthermore, I have also had other teaching assignment including supervising and grading study projects for the police education unit. Previous teaching include all levels of the school system and I'm a certified teacher for the upper secondary school in history, social science, geography and religious studies.