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Staff photo Farhan Khalid Shah

Farhan Khalid Shah

My research focuses on neuromuscular damage by vibrations due to snoring or occupational use of instruments along with factors enhancing healing process. We utilize human biopsies and cultured cells.



Works at

Senior research assistant at Department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB) Units: Group Per Stål
hus H, Johan Bures väg 12, Biologihuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Hi, I am Farhan Shah from department of muscle biology, faculty of medicine, Umeå University. My research niche focusses upon neuromuscular injuries caused by vibration such as snoring and occupational instruments/equipments. Subsequently, we evaluate factors promoting healing and repair. We employ different biochemical, microscopic and morphometric techniques for analysing human biopsies and cultured cells subjected to vibrations and also evaluate factors promoting their healing process.

The muscle cell-culturing will form the basis for an extensive collaborative work of 3D bioprinting co-cultured cells for regenerative medicine. The data generated from these studies is expected to be useful for new tratment strategies and models which can serve to replace, reduce or refine animal experiments. My other research interests are cytoarchitecture  and evolutionary adaptation of upper airway and craniofacial muscles.

My dental education comprises of five years of bachelors in dentistry with three years of specialization in Prosthodontics. In 2018,I defended my Phd in sleep apnoea from Anatomi, Integrative Medical Biology,Umeå University.

As a clinician I have worked with different dental procedures including treating sleep apnea patients with mandibular advancement device. I have been active as an academician, researcher and a public speaker for the last eleven years. As a dental teacher my efforts to communicate difficult topics with ease and simplicity have been awarded. I have successfully supervised and managed research projects in a true team spirit leading to publications in peer reviewed journals.

In 2012, I moved to Sweden as a visiting researcher at Faculty of medicine, Integrative medical biology (IMB), Umeå University. In 2013 I joined as a PhD at laboratory of Muscle biology, Anatomy section, IMB-Umeå university to work on the project titled 'Neuromuscular injuries and pharyngeal dysfunction in snorers and sleep apnea patients. The objectives of the PhD project were to perform histopathological analysis of nerve and muscle tissue and explore expression levels of neurotrophins in the palate muscle and correlate the findings with radiological analysis of pharyngeal function using video-radiography in sleep apnea patients. These novel findings have been published in reputed journals with high impact factors. I successfully defended my PhD in May 2018.

My collaborative skills are highlighted by my invitation as a visiting researcher at Faculty of dentistry and physiology department, University of Toronto, Canada. The ongoing collaboration looking at 'changes in jaw opening muscles and sensorimotor cortex induced by dental extraction and dental implants' started in 2014 has resulted in publication in 2019 in Archives of Oral biology.

I am also involved in teaching and mentoring  research projects for dental and medical students.

In September, 2018 I received the AAMS Rising Star Investigator Award for Promise in the Advancement of Medicine at 3rd AAMS congress and Hippocrates Gala, Rome, Italy.

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