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Staff photo Hanna Bäckström

Hanna Bäckström

PhD-candidate in gender studies, Umeå centre for gender studies.

Works at

Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 4

Since September 2014, I am a PhD-candidate in gender studies at UCGS. The topic of my dissertation concerns voluntary social work and the conflicts involved in the act of helping others. How may the affinity between charitable care-giving and power be understood? Is there a necessary connection between compassion and paternalism? I am particularly interested in how these and other aporetic conditions for the ethical relation can be viewed as matter for feminist ethics. Though, I am also interested in the political field of conflict, emerging in borderlands between charity and solidarity work, as well as the current renegotiations of the Swedish welfare regime. Therefore, the study takes as its starting point a particular case of voluntary commitment – namely the multifaceted forms of social activism and voluntary work performed for and together with groups of EU-citizens lacking access to the Swedish social security system, often providing for themselves through street-begging. I have conducted interviews with individual volunteers and activists from a wide range of organisations, focusing on their experienced dilemmas and their strategies to deal with and avoid an asymmetrical relation to the recipients. More broadly, my research interests concerns feminist philosophy, religious studies and social movements.

I teach at undergraduate courses in gender studies, as well as the postgraduate courses "Ethics, gender and knowledge" and "Feminist theory and intersectional analysis".

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