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Hanna Bäckström



Works at

Research fellow at Department of Epidemiology and Global Health
5B, Målpunkt P, Försörjningsvägen 7 B, Norrlands universitetssjukhus Epidemiologi och global hälsa, Umeå Universitet, 90185 Umeå
Affiliated as visiting lecturer at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)
Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 4

I am a researcher in public health, with specialisation in gender and social inclusion. I am currently in volved in three research projects. 

I am the PI of the study Negotiating the risk of segregation - public and civic responses to growing social inequalities in a "not yet" divided city, in which we study public and civic responses to (a perceived) increase of socioeconomic segregation in Umeå, and how these responses shape the meaning of belonging and citizenship.

My post doctoral research, Support, empower and change: A qualitative study of the Young Women’s Empowerment Centers’ support and advocacy work addresses the feminist young women empowerment centres (tjejjourer) in Sweden, and aims to give insight into young women’s self-organizing for their own and other girls’ mental health and against gendered violence, focusing on the possibilities and difficulties involved in peer-to-peer support.

I am also part of the project Daring to ask about violence? Analysing and improving social services’ question-centred responses to gender-based violence (Forte 2021-2025), where we analyse how violence is identified and responded to within the framework of the social services in Sweden and the effects of a "question-oriented" mode of address. 

I defended my PhD in gender studies in May 2020, entitled Att hjälpa andra: gåvans, rättvisans och medkänslans aporier i frivilligarbete [Helping Others: the aporias of gift-giving, justice and compassion in voluntary work]. The study concerns social work and social activism in Swedish civil society, and investigates questions relating to 'altruistic' practice and activism. It looks into the meaning of doing something for the sake of others, as a both moral, social and political phenomenon. The starting point of the study are interviews with activists and volunteers working for begging EU-citizens in Sweden, from which I problematise difficulties and possibilities involved in practical aid work, using theoretical perspectices from feminist ethics.



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