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Staff photo Hannele Junkala

Hannele Junkala

Ph D student at NMD, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, and UCGS, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies. Project about critical perspectives on sex- and relationship education. 


Works at

Naturvetarhuset, huskropp A, plan 5, Johan Bures väg 16 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Affiliated as doctoral student at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)
Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 4
NFSUN 2021, The Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education: Science Education in the light of Global Sustainable Development – Trends and possibilities, Online, June 1-2, 2021
Junkala, Hannele
Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning
Junkala, Hannele; Berge, Maria; Silfver, Eva
ESERA 2019, 13th Biennial Conference of the European Science Education Research Association, 26-30 August, Bologna, Italy
Junkala, Hannele

Research groups

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