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Staff photo Inga Dennhag

Inga Dennhag

I work as a lecturer in child- and adolescent psychiatry, and teach and research in the areas of trauma, anxiety and depression.



Works at

Associate professor, combined with clinical employment at Department of Clinical Sciences Units: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Role: Head of unit
Umeå universitet, Klinisk vetenskap, 901 85 Umeå

I teach, supervise, and work with research at the Child and Adolescent Clinic (CAP) in Västerbotten at Umeå University in Sweden. My main research area is to develop and adapt a compassion focused therapy to an online group intervention in a Swedish context. Adolescents with stress, anxiety and depression symptoms can potentially be helped with training. New adolescent self-report questionnaires for mental health has been developed. Another research project includes sexual harassment or abuse online and offline.

I have a special interest in issues relating to discrimination and power. The book Power and Psychotherapy was written in 2017. I have also conducted research in treatment of eating disorders with a special focus of the parents different roles.

After finishing Psychology studies 2003, I worked as a clinician for three years with adult psychiatric outpatients. Joined the Department of Psychology at Umeå University 2005. 2011, I worked as a guest researcher at the Center for Psychotherapy Research at University of Pennsylvania, US. The thesis was defended 2012 ”Learning psychotherapy: An effectiveness study of clients and therapists”. 2016, I received the title “Excellent teacher” at the Department of Psychology at Umeå University. 2017, a research position at CAP in Region Västerbotten, in Umeå, was received.

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