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Josefine Lampinen

Reg. occupational therapist, specialist in occupational therapy and doctoral student. 

Works at

Lecturer at Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation Units: Occupational Therapy, Geriatric Medicine
-, - Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My thesis work is entitled: Participation in everyday life and mental health among older people with dementia and effects of an intensive rehabilitation program.

The aim is: To develop knowledge related to participation in everyday life and mental health among older people with dementia in a representative sample as well as after an intensive rehabilitation program. Furthermore, the aim is to describe experiences of everyday life after a rehabilitation program among people with dementia and their informal primary caregivers. 

My research is based on two research projects: Umeå 85 + / GERDA and MIDRED.

Umeå 85 + / GERDA is a longitudinal population-based cohort study that aims to increase knowledge of health, quality of life, and living conditions of very old people from Västerbotten, Sweden and Österbotten, Finland.

MIDRED is a randomised controlled study, wich contained a person-centered multidimensional interdisciplinary rehabilitation program for the person with dementia, including education and support to the primary caregiver.

European Journal of Ageing, Springer 2022, Vol. 19 : 1441-1453
Lampinen, Josefine; Conradsson, Mia; Nyqvist, Fredrica; et al.
BMC Geriatrics, BioMed Central 2021, Vol. 21, (1)
Sondell, Anna; Lampinen, Josefine; Conradsson, Mia; et al.

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