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Madelene Nordlund

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Sociology
Hus Y, Beteendevetarhuset & Norra beteendevetarhuset Mediagränd 14, Beteendevetarhuset, Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, Det Kgl. Bibliotek/Royal Danish Library 2022, Vol. 12, (1) : 3-26
Grönlund, Anne; Nordlund, Madelene
Idrottsforum.org/Nordic sport science forum, Malmö: Malmö University 2022, Vol. 13 : 111-129
Nordlund, Madelene; Wickman, Kim; Karp, Staffan; et al.
2022 EASS & ISSA World congress of sociology of sport: Why does sociology matter? The role of sport sociology in interdisciplinary research: Book of abstracts
Wickman, Kim; Nordlund, Madelene; Karp, Staffan
CEDAR Working Papers, 2021:16
Nordlund, Madelene; Larsson, Daniel; Stattin, Mikael
ISAPA 2021. Quality partnerships in Adapted Physical Activity: Stronger Together!: Book of abstracts, Jyväskylä, Finland: University of Jyväskylä 2021 : 88-88
Nordlund, Madelene; Wickman, Kim; Karp, Staffan; et al.
CEDAR Working Papers, 14
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Nordlund, Madelene
Routledge handbook of the welfare state, Routledge 2018 : 366-377
Nordlund, Madelene; Greve, Bent
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Wickman, Kim; Nordlund, Madelene; Holm, Christina
Journal of Education and Work, Taylor & Francis 2015, Vol. 28, (5) : 528-550
Nordlund, Madelene; Bonfanti, Sara; Strandh, Mattias
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Strandh, Mattias; Nilsson, Karina; Nordlund, Madelene; et al.
Rapport / Institutet för arbetsmarknads- och utbildningspolitisk utvärdering, 2014:21
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The Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State, Oxon and New York: Routledge 2013 : 115-124
Nordlund, Madelene
Journal of Education and Work, Routledge 2012 : 1-25
Nordlund, Madelene; Stehlik, Tom; Strandh, Mattias
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Strandh, Mattias; Nordlund, Madelene; Hammarström, Anne
International Journal of Social Welfare, Blackwell Publishing 2011, Vol. 20, (1) : 43-54
Nordlund, Madelene
International Journal of Social Welfare, Wiley-Blackwell 2011, Vol. 20, (2) : 144-155
Nordlund, Madelene
Akademiska avhandlingar vid Sociologiska institutionen, Umeå universitet, 61
Nordlund, Madelene
Tvärsnitt, (4)
Strandh, Mattias; Nordlund, Madelene
Strandh, Mattias; Melén, Daniel; Nordlund, Madelene
Sociologisk forskning, Örebro: Sociologisk forskning 2008, (3) : 32-54
Nordlund, Madelene; Strandh, Mattias
Sociologisk forskning, Uppsala: Sveriges sociologförbund 2008, (3) : 33-54
Nordlund, Madelene; Strandh, Mattias
Strandh, Mattias; Melén, Daniel; Nordlund, Madelene
Journal of Social Policy, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press 2008, Vol. 37, (3) : 357-382
Strandh, Mattias; Nordlund, Madelene

Research projects

1 January 2019 until 31 December 2022
1 December 2017 until 30 November 2020