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Staff photo Naser Tavajohi

Naser Tavajohi

Gas separation membranes (CO2 separation, olefin/paraffin separation, etc.), membranes in the energy sector (Blue Energy and Green Energy production), membranes for water and wastewater treatment.   

Works at

Assistant professor at Department of Chemistry
KB.C5, Linnaeus väg 10, (rum: B5.35.07) Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am passionate about developing novel membranes for separation and purification applications. In my lab (i.e. Nordic Membrane Lab) we synthesize and fabricate new membranes for gas separation (CO2 separation, olefin/paraffin separation, H2 separation, N2 separation, O2 separation), energy applications (Blue energy harvesting, energy storage in flow batteries), and liquid separation (Membrane distillation, membrane crystallizer, MF/UF/NF/RO).

For more information please check Our laboratory website 


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Head of research
Naser Tavajohi lab