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Staff photo Niklas Lundström

Niklas Lundström

Works at

Associate professor (on leave) at Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
MIT-huset, plan 3, Matematik och matematisk statistik, MIT.D.339 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research is mainly on pure and applied analysis of differential equations. Concerning partial differential equations, I am studying e.g. maximum principles, boundary behavior and growth at infinity of solutions of nonlinear equations, as well as existence, uniqueness and regularity  of solutions to equations related to optimization problems and image processing. Concerning ordinary differential equations my focus lies mainly on stability of nonlinear dynamical systems and how to use different stability concepts in applications, e.g. when managing the harvesting of populations and when dimensioning large electric generators.

Education: MSc engineering physics (2004), half PhD mechanical engineering (2006), PhD mathematics (2011), Docent mathematics (2017).

Other interests: nature in general, skiing downhill, whitewater rafting, motocross, carpentering, constructions and buildings, old houses, radio controlled airplanes, music, strategy games, poker.

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