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Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies


Anna Larsson

Professor in History of science and ideas. Head of research for History and education. 

Christer Nordlund

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of History of Science and Ideas.

Jacob Isaksson
Janina Priebe

I am a researcher in the history of science and ideas, with a focus on environmental history. As of June 2022, I am Arctic Five Chair in Environmental History at Umeå University.


Jenny Eklöf

Associate professor in History of Science and Ideas. In my research I have focused on the interaction between science, politics and the media in a broad sense. 

Pär Eliasson
Tabea Hochstrasser

I am a PhD student in the history of ideas, with a focus on early modern ideas about human connectedness, cheap print, and the combination of intellectual history and the history of emotions.

Tora Byström