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Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies


David Loeffler, associate professor
Ivanka Hristova, senior research assistant
Love Eriksson, project assistant
Maria Berglind, study administrator

I work as a study administrator for the subjects of History and Archaeolgy.

Mats Eriksson, project assistant
Mattias Sjölander, project assistant (absent), postgraduate student

PhD student in environmental archaeology, mainly environmental reconstructions and mobility. Project assistant in the SEAD project, responsible for import and quality assurance of data.

Peter Holmblad, associate professor
Philip Buckland, associate professor

Director of The Environmental Archaeology Lab and the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD), two research infrastructures for archaeology.

Philip Jerand, postgraduate student

I am a PhD student in archaeology studying mobility and spatial organisation at settlements by using archaeological and ethnographical sources combined with chemical, physical and spectral analysis.

Sofi Östman, project assistant