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Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies


Alana Vincent

Associate Professor in History of Religion. Modern Judaism, Interreligious Dialogue, Religion & Literature.

Anna Pya Sjödin
Daniel Lindmark

Professor of Church History at the Faculty of Arts and Professor of History and Education at Umeå School of Education.

Elisabeth Raddock

Associate Professor in Religious Studies and Director of studies. 

Jacob Astudillo

Doctoral student in Systematic Theology.

Johan Eriksson

I examine the closure of privately run Muslim schools being accused of radicalising their pupils. 

Karin Neutel
Leif Svensson
Lina Sohlén
Linda Joelsson
Marie Rosenius
Mats Wahlberg

I am docent in systematic theology. My research is primarily in philosophical- and fundamental theology, but I am also interested in classical dogmatics.  

Mattias Dahlkvist
Mikael Lundmark
Mikael Winninge

I am Associate Professor in New Testament Exegesis. The focus of my research has been early Jewish texts on the one hand, and identity formation and interpretation of history among early Christians on the other.

Niclas Lindström
Olle Sundström
Stefan Gelfgren
Thomas Girmalm
Tomas Lindgren

Professor of Psychology of religion.

Tova Olsson

Doctoral student in religious studies. Researching the construction of gender in contemporary, European tantra. 

Åsa Schumann