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Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies


Andrew Peet
Christian Löw
Dimitri Coelho Mollo

I am an Assistant Professor with focus in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. I also do research in Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science.

Ethan Paul Nowak

(he/they) I am associate professor in philosophy and representative for equal opportunities. I work primarily in the philosophy of language, in both its theoretical and practical dimensions.

Hugo Hellström

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research interests include metaepistemology and metaethics. I teach philosophy of mind and language.

Ida Anderalm
Jan-Willem van der Rijt

I specialize in political philosophy and normative ethics. My research addresses topics such as dignity, self-respect, well-being, strategic interaction and the workings of democracy.

Jonas Nilsson

I am Head of Department and Senior Lecturer in philosophy.

Kalle Grill

I direct our program in Philosophy and Society. I teach ethics and political philosophy. My reserach includes paternalism, public health, sustainability, family, future people, new technology.

Karin Enflo

I am a temporary associate professor in philosophy. My research is mainly in ethics and metaphysics, and I teach in both practical and theoretical philosophy.

Lars Samuelsson

Senior lecturer/associate professor (docent) in philosophy and subject coordinator for the philosophy subject at Umeå University.

Luise Mirow

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research is about lying and misleading, considered from a philosophy of language perspective.

Madeleine Hayenhjelm

Madeleine Hayenhjelm (Ph.D, Phil.lic., Royal Institute of Technology) is a senior lecturer in Philosophy and specialises in Ethics of Risk and Moral Philosophy.

Marcel Quarfood

I regularly teach history of philosophy, and occasionally metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of science. My research focuses on Kant's philosophy.


Nils Franzén

I finished my PhD in Uppsala in the fall of 2018 and I'm an associate professor of philosophy in Umeå since March 2022. My research mainly concerns metaethics, philosophy of language and aesthetics. 

Per Algander

I teach introductory courses in ethics, metaethics and decision theory. My research focuses on ethics and value theory, especially on moral obligations to future generations.

Peter Melander
Pär Sundström

I am head of subject for philosophy. Min research focuses on different questions in the philosophy of mind. I teach teacher candidates, and students in philosophy and cognitive science.

Sofia Jeppsson

I am an associate professor of philosophy, with a focus on practical philosophy. My research is centered around free will, moral responsibility, animal ethics and philosophy of psychiatry.

Victor Moberger

I teach in ethics, metaethics, critical thinking, and political philosophy. My research is mainly focused on metaethics and critical thinking.